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[audio]IUMA: Commodore 64
Commodore 64 was officially formed in 1982 at a Fat Boys concert in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. (The members, Smart Money "Bass-I.Q." Teddy Ruxpin, HMO, and The Professa MC Squared, were also together on the math team in the eighth grade.) Smart Money writes for a Dow Jones-owned magazine. HMO is a part-time deconstructionist philosopher, and has written on antirealism in hip-hop, 1970-2000. The Professa actually teaches math at New York University...
Keywords: Commodore 64
Downloads: 33
[texts]Manual Fcopy III For Speeddos ( Thomas Tempelmann)
Anleitung für Fcopy III für Speeddos
Keywords: speeddos, fcopy , commodore 64
Downloads: 8
[audio]Música de computadora 1 - Eduardo Abel Gimenez
En 1986 compré una Commodore 64. Bueno, en realidad fue una Commodore 128, pero como el software interesante estaba hecho para la 64, la usé más que nada en “modo 64″, es decir simulando ser su hermana menor. (Lo valioso de tener la 128 fue usar mi primer procesador de textos, y dejar de lado la máquina de escribir.) Además de un universo de juegos, la 64 traía algo muy novedoso en ese momento: se podía hacer música...
Keywords: Commodore 64, música, computadora
Downloads: 314
[movies]c64 - Mark Longridge
Video of commodore 64 output including the game Slap Fight, followed by a Rubik's Cube solving program, followed by some commercials and CFTO station identification
Keywords: Commodore 64 Rubik's Cube 1987
Downloads: 30
[collection]Commodore Software Protection Library
Scanned by contributors to the Bombjack Commodore Archive (including ShadowM, Golan, DemongerX, Gene, Newtek, DMackey and others), this collection of Commodore Protection instruction books and manuals were created through the years to address software protection removal on a variety of Commodore computers, including the VIC-20 and Commodore 64.
Keywords: commodore 64; piracy; protection; cracking
Downloads: 5,372
[texts]Zzap!64 001-107 (May85 - Mar 02)
Zzap!64 Magazine Issues 001-107 (May 1985-March 2002)
Keywords: Commodore 64; c64; magazine
Downloads: 12
[movies]C64-Gamevideoarchive 320 - Labyrinth - The C64-Gamevideoarchive
Complete walkthrough from the movie based C64-game "Labyrinth" Download Video (329 MB)
Keywords: c64; commodore 64; labyrinth
Downloads: 779
[unknown] 20120816 panic download -
This is a panic download of on 2012-08-16. This site host a free commodore web magazine. code to mirror: wget "" --mirror --warc-cdx
Keywords: commodore 64; commodorefree;; archiveteam
Downloads: 106
[texts]Movie Monster Game, The ( 1986) ( EPYX)
The Movie Monster Game users manual for the Commodore 64
Keywords: C64; Commodore 64; EPYX; Game Manual
Downloads: 3
[texts]Your Commodore 00-84 (Jul 84-Oct 91)
Your Commodore Magazine 00-84 (Jul 1984-Oct 1991)
Keywords: Commodore; Commodore 64; C64; Magazine
Downloads: 20
[movies]Zipcast archive Randomforum - The Commodore 64 Book - 1982 to 199x - Randomforum Zipcast
Got this book years ago, pretty nice and really colorfull and informative book of C64 history to present. A must have for collectors, get one if you still can, might be out of print!
Keywords: Commodore 64; book; colorfull; information; history; Zippcast
Downloads: 212
[movies]C64-Gamevideoarchive 309 - Warhawk - The C64-Gamevideoarchive
Complete walkthrough from the C64-game "Warhawk" Download Video (229 MB)
Keywords: c64; commodore 64; longplay; warhawk
Downloads: 403
[movies]C64 Gamevideoarchive 02 - Radar Rat Race - The C64-Gamevideoarchive
video from the c64 game "Radar Rat Race" more Infos to this title by More Infos about this videoproject at our homepage
Keywords: c64,commodore,64,radar,rat,race
Downloads: 6,031 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Longplay - Katakis(C64) - 21:17 min. - MontyMole
Complete walkthrough from the C64 classic "Katakis" This video was played tool assisted without losing a life. DOWNLOAD: High Quality (572 MB) Medium Quality (253 MB) Search for "Creator:MontyMole" and watch our other longplays too.
Keywords: c64; classic; commodore 64; katakis; longplay
Downloads: 1,029
[movies]C64-Gamevideoarchive 311 - Ninja - The C64-Gamevideoarchive
Complete walkthrough from the C64-game "Ninja" Download Video (24 MB)
Keywords: c64; ninja; commodore 64; longplay
Downloads: 548
[texts]Your 64 01-14 (Apr 84-Nov 85)
Your 64 Magazine 1-14 (Apr 1984 - November 1985)
Keywords: Commodore 64; Vic 20; Commodore; Magazine
Downloads: 4
[movies]C64 Gamevideoarchive 03 - Lemans - The C64-Gamevideoarchive
video from the c64 game "Lemans" more Infos to this title by More Infos about this videoproject at our homepage
Keywords: c64,commodore,64,lemans,gamevideoarchive
Downloads: 2,493 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]C64-Gamevideoarchive 312 - Uridium - The C64-Gamevideoarchive
Complete walkthrough from the C64-game "Uridium" Download Video (380 MB)
Keywords: c64; longplay; uridium; commodore 64
Downloads: 593
[movies]Commodore 64 Training Tape with Jim Butterfield - Jim Butterfield
This is a video tape which reflects on the best 8bit machine in the world. The COMMODORE 64. Jim Butterfield guides you through the basics on how to get the full gift from the C64 from setting it up and explaining how machine code works. There's also the use of the modem from the c64 for booking online flights and info.. There is everything on this video that you need to know about the computer. He even takes the casing off and explains on the chips, what they are called and what their purpose i...
Keywords: Commodore 64; jim butterfield; training tape
Downloads: 2,678 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]C64-Gamevideoarchive 306 - Donkey Kong (Ocean) - The C64-Gamevideoarchive
Complete walkthrough from the C64-game "Donkey Kong" >>Download Video (36,9 MB)
Keywords: c64; donkey kong; ocean; commodore 64
Downloads: 812
[unknown]Wiki - - Datorernas folkvagn - Datorernas folkvagn dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; - Datorernas folkvagn; commodore64se_wiki; unknowncopyright
Downloads: 1
[audio]Receptors_-_I'm A Lazy Sidstation - Jeremy Kolosine / Receptors
8-Bit gameboy and sidstation track from 2004
Keywords: Receptors; Jeremy Kolosine; Kolosine; 8-bit; gameboy; chiptune; commodore 64
Downloads: 42
[image]lackthrow - RUT (2005) - a.w.powell
improvisational noise. harsh noise & ambient. some construction. halleloo the year 2005 10 copies only on cd-r
Keywords: harsh noise; noise; ambient; commodore 64; lackthrow; internal empty
Downloads: 19
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Pal vs Ntsc - Paussinappula Foundation
This video shows the audio difference in PAL and NTSC on a Commodore 64. Note that this was the same on NES, SMS, and many more TV based consoles.
Keywords: PAL; NTSC; difference; audio; sound; music; commodore 64; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 31
[movies]Computadora - Hello World
C64 Sid Mashup Remix
Keywords: computadora; feliz; bleepstreet; 8bit; chiptunes; commodore64; mashup; remix
Downloads: 10
[texts]Micro Adventurer Magazine 01-17 (Nov 83-Mar 85)
Micro Adventurer Magazine 01-17 (Nov 1983-Mar 1985) including an issue of Spectrum Adventures.
Keywords: Micrcomputer; Micro Adventurer; Magazine; BBC Micro; ZX Spectrum; Commodore 64
Downloads: 4
[audio]The place Podcast - Episode 8 - Goes a bit sid? - Juusio Studios Sweden
The place podcast internet archive text: On this episode: Shownotes for Episode 8. On this show: Emails Guest. (complains only :P) News. The music: 1. Some finnish sid tune? By: Antti Hannula Released by: Artline Designs In: 1990. 2. Street Surfer By: David Whittaker Released: 1986 Entertainment USA. 3. Cannonrider Remix Remixer: Juusio Studios, Sweden Podcasts mentioned: Blibb Blobb The Chiptune Podcast All the e-mail addresses that mentioned in the show (or past...
Keywords: podcast; commodore 64; sid; music; emulation; emails; remix; Complaining; news
Downloads: 30
A collection of software for Commodore 64
Keywords: commodore; commodore 64; c64; cbm; retrocomputing; software
Downloads: 218
[software]Retro Gamer Issue 05 Coverdisc - Live Publishing

Keywords: Windows games; Commodore 64 games; emulation; magazine coverdiscs
Downloads: 86
[movies]C64-Gamevideoarchive 310 - Dragon`s lair - The C64-Gamevideoarchive
Complete walkthrough from the C64-game "Dragon`s Lair" Download Video (125 MB) Manual: Long ago, in a magical time, a good King named Aethelred ruled a peaceful kingdom. Now his kingdom had many treasures, but its greatest prize was Princess Daphne, the King's only child. Brave Knights and handsome Princes came from afar just to pay her court, for she was a maiden of exceeding beauty and grace. But, though they laid vast riches at her feet and pleaded most earnestly for her hand, Princess Daphne...
Keywords: c64; dragons lair; dragon`s; lair; commodore 64
Downloads: 933
[texts]64'er top spiele 01 - Georg Klinge
Das Magazin für Computerfans.
Keywords: Magazin; Magazines; 64'er Magazin; Commodore; Commodore 64
Downloads: 326
[audio]Freaky-Deke (March 15 2008)
I Adore My 64 Mix
Keywords: 8 bit; chiptunes; c64; commodore 64; 2008
Downloads: 168
[texts]IEA Instant Editor Assembler - Mark Robin
User's Manual for the Instant Editor Assembler software package for the Commodore 64.
Keywords: Computers; Commodore 64; Machine language; Programming; Assembly language; Robin's Software
Downloads: 79
[audio]Arcade by 8 Bit Weapon - 8 Bit Weapon
Music by 8 Bit Weapon. Sounds made with a commodore 64 computer and various vintage synths and drum machines.
Keywords: 8 bit weapon commodore 64 128 amiga chiptune micromusic
Downloads: 538
[texts]Manual de Referencia del Programador Commodore 64, en Castellano
Libro Manual de Referencia del Programador Commodore 64, en Castellano
Keywords: libro; c64; manual; retroinvaders; commodore 64; manual; desarrollo
Downloads: 1,009
[texts]Commodore User Magazine 00-77 (Jun 83-Feb 90)
Commodore User Magazine 00-77 (Jun 1983-Feb 1990)
Keywords: commodore; commodore 64; c64; CU; Amiga; Magazine
Downloads: 26
[texts]Lotek64 #26 Commodore 64 Orchestra Interview - Lotek64, Daniel Meyer, Georg Fuchs
German Commodore 64 Magazine with interview of Commodore 64 Orchestra, reviews on games, Commodore 64 culture, art, music, EJ Midi Turntable, ScratchTV, and vintage computer media. Interview by Daniel German: Juli 2008. Nr. 26 - 1541 Ultimate, Doom-Genealogie, Zak McKracken: Between Time and Space + Interview Artificial Hair Bros., Firty Split + Interview Uwe Sittig, Rez mit Trance Vibrator, 4K4U (Atari VCS), The Last Ninja, Milliways, Tony Krvaric, Enforder II...
Keywords: Commodore 64; Commodore 64 Orchestra; 8 bit; retro; vintage computing; magazine; german; Nico Demonte; dj; vj; ej; midi turntable
Downloads: 1,461
[movies]Obsoleet s02e01
Obsoleet s02e01 - Commodore Floppy Copy First episode for the new season, using some footage shot last year. This episode focuses on backing up your Commodore disks to create images which can then be archived or played on an emulator. Showcases the ZoomFloppy, used to connect a Commodore Disk Drive to a modern computer. This is handy user guide for OpenCBM, Also used was CCS64, a Commodore 64 emulator for Windows PCs, h...
Keywords: iptv; retro; tech; vintage; obsolete; commodore; commodore 64; floppy; backup; retro; obsolete; low tech; technology; commodore 64; floppy; zoomfloppy; backup
Downloads: 78
[movies]Random Forum Vimeo Show - Altered states (c64 demo with live memory events) - RandomForum Vimeo
This is just a fun project I made with a software to watch what's happening inside a c64 memory map, also the bitmap memory. Really interesting. Should I continue to make more videos like this?
Keywords: Altered states; c64 demo; demoscene; memory map; ICU64; bitmap; Commodore; emulation; events; Commodore 64; Demo; Commodore 64 Demos; Demonstration; Vimeo
Downloads: 43
[audio]INN 2011 0404 News Jeff Pandora C 64 - Indie Nation
A news cast from Indie Nation ( from 2011.04.04.
Keywords: Android; Commodore; Commodore 64; Commodore VIC-20; Google; Grand jury; iPhone; Subpoena; podcast
Downloads: 2
[audio]Mike's tape - Atari 800, other stuff - Mike Ciul
Algorithmic music experiments on Atari 800 and Commodore 64
Keywords: chiptunes; atari; commodore64; mike ciul; fuse box; 1980s; electronic
Downloads: 10
[audio]No BS Podcast #185: No Star Wars Edition - Maximum PC
Coming to you only slightly late, it's the real Episode 185 of the No BS Podcast! Join Deputy Editor Gordon Ung, Online Managing Editor Alex Castle, and Senior Editor Nathan Edwards as we go an entire two hours without arguing about Star Wars! What do we talk about? Nvidia's dual-GPU GTX 690, AMD's answer to that, Trinity, Ivy Bridge (and the overclocking thereof), the merits of integrated graphics, and so much more...
Keywords: amazon; Commodore 64; geforce gtx 690; ivy bridge; Tera Online; trinity apu; No BS Podcast
Downloads: 43
[audio]Red Giant - Pilot of the Future - Pilot of the Future
The third studio album by brothers Jeremy and Mirko Ruckels.  This music is inspired by the music of legacy game systems such as the Commodore 64, early Nintendo and Sega.  The pieces are electronic in nature, driven by an early love of this type of music. 
Keywords: game music; chiptune; bittune; commodore 64 music; SID; electronic; australian; mirko ruckels; jeremy ruckels; deepspace
Downloads: 3
[audio]Flight of the Commodore - Starpilot
made on commodore 64.released 13 November 2012 All songs written, produced, mixed, and performed by Starpilot. Artwork by Starpilot. © Starpilot & SOCAN 2012
Keywords: 8bit; electronic; c64; chipmusic; chiptune; commodore 64; experimental; idm; psychedelic; retro; triptune; Toronto
Downloads: 66
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - A new 80's game - Paussinappula Foundation
This is a fictional video of that guy going to buy a new 80's game from ebay for £800000. This is not real, it is plain entertainment. Enjoy!
Keywords: ebay; commodore 64; sid; powersid; 80's game; fictional; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 53
[audio]PERO-FOTAR - Dej Muzko Prpali!!! (2001-2002) - Pero-Fotar
PERO-FOTAR - Dej Muzko Prpali!!! (2001-2002)Music style: Synthpunk, Chiptune, Happy Hardcore
Keywords: Synthpunk; Chiptune; Happy Hardcore; Pero-Fotar; Commodore 64; SID; FastTracker; Computer; Demoscene; Retro; Old skool
Downloads: 22
Software Accion was a shortly lived computer magazine edited by "Ediciones Informaticas del Norte" in Spain. Published in 1988.
Keywords: spain; computer magazines; amstrad; atari st; amiga; commodore 64; commodore 128; pc; msx; spectrum
Downloads: 35
[audio]SUPERDOUBLE64 - Lenhart & Koprivica
The fourth indoor sound experience is mixed sound, found on a tape on the Belgrade flea market. Track four, entitled SUPERDOUBLE64, presents the sound of computer data recorded on tape for Commodore 64 (games: Super Mario and Double Dragon), while loading the game. The tape is broken, but it still preserves the sound one needed to hear if wanted to play a video game on his computer back in the 80’s...
Keywords: Lenhart & Koprivica; commodore 64; TheROOM; o.blaat; Medien Kultur Haus; Wels
Downloads: 49
[texts]Commodore 64 Orchestra Interview: Chip Wave - Pop-up-catepetl
Interview of Commodore 64 Orchestra as they release their new tv show with future albums and technological reviews.Pop-up-catepetl, the Mexican journal on technology and music is the author of this article.
Keywords: Commodore 64; vintage; 80s; new wave; chip wave; nico; vic-20; amiga; kraftwerk; telex
Downloads: 95
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - C64 test - Paussinappula Foundation
I thought this would be fun for future videos of my own Commodore 64. Not a shi*** emulatorr like so many videos are here. This is the real thing. Sadly I discovered some problems with my Samsung hyper modern DVD/HDD recorder... they can't handle a signal that is almost 30 years old. Same goes to my Samsung TV... Soon I believe the problem is at samsung... Samsung won't even play my loved Chinese VCD movies...
Keywords: commodore 64; test; problems; samsung tv; interference; game; monopoly; disk drive; 1570; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 38
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